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The region Lake Neusiedl is distinguished from most other regions in Austria in terms of climate. The amount of sunshine with over 2,100 hours p.a. is way beyond the Austrian average. All our vineyard locations are positioned south-east in order to optimally make use of direct sunlight.

The Pannonian continental climate, characterized by hot, dry summers and cold winters, enables together in combination with the Lake Neusiedl long vegetation periods. The near mountain Leitha shields the area around Lake Neusiedl from the rain laden west winds thus turning it into one of Austrian’s regions with lowest levels of precipitation.

The Rust viticulture region boasts an ideal humidity pattern. Due to its temperature balancing and heat accumulation capacity the Lake Neusiedl maintains a mild climate well into October thus creating perfect wine growing conditions. Together with natural day/night temperature amplitudes and the sunshine duration the latter mingle into an ideal combination of growth determining factors which are responsible for the specific colour, taste, flavour, acidity and sweetness of the grapes.

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