Peter Schandl

Traminer Eiswein 

Harvesting Icewine it must be very cool. As cold as possible is the best because the lower temperatures (minimum -7°C) concentrates the sugarlevel in the berries.
Under low pressure the sweet juice comes out and the ice keeps back. Only 5 to 10 procent of naturally amount comes as Icewine in the bottle.

Tasting: intensive scent of rose, aromatic and brisk traminer notes, juicy in the mouth and delicate at the palate 

Classification:  Eiswein
Type: sweet
Vintage:  2012
Packaging:  0,375 l glass bottle
Colour:  brillant yellow
Serving temperature:  10 – 12° C
Aging:  french oak
Sugar:  33,5° KMW (167,5° Öchsle)                   
Vine age: 12 Jahre
Alcohol:  11 vol %
Residual sugar:  200g/l
Acidity: 6 g/l

Food pairing: poultry liver, fruit desserts, fruit tarts, ice-cream meringue, peach curd, chicken mousse

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