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Grape variety: 
The Muskateller probably originates in the Near East and is considered one of the oldest grape varieties still in existence. Of all varieties it has the most pronounced taste of grapes. The Muskateller delivers full bodied wines with a typical bouquet.

Tasting: beautiful, light summer sparkling wine, dances on the palate with a delicate fizz, brilliant yellow, vibrant Muskateller aromas, fruity, juicy, crisp and refreshing

Classification:  sparkling wine
Type:  Brut
Vintage:  2015
Second fermentation: in the bottle
Aging:  12 month on yeast
Packaging:  0,75 l glass bottle
Colour:  brillant yellow
Serving temperature:  4 – 8° C
Sugar:  19° KMW (95° Öchsle)
Vine age: 22, 27 years
Alcohol:  13 vol %

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