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Gelber Muskateller

Grape variety: The Muskateller probably originates in the Near East and is considered one of the oldest grape varieties still in existence. Of all varieties it has the most pronounced taste of grapes. The Muskateller delivers full bodied wines with a typical bouquet.

Tasting: brillant yellow, delicate nose, juicy Muskateller flavour to the finish, spicy acidity and fruitiness, a wine for a summer day

quality wine with distinction
Type:  dry
Vintage:  2015
Aging: stainless steel tank
Packaging:  0,75 l Flasche
Colour:  brillant yellow
Sugar:  19° KMW
Serving termperature:
7 – 11 °C
Vine age: 
8, 31 years
Alcohol: 13 vol %                                                  
Residual sugar:  2,3 g/l
Acidity:  7 g/l
Food pairing: Carinthian style cheese ravioli, potato strudel, egg noodle ribbons with herbs pesto, poached poularde with cardamom rice, asparagus dishes, sheep cheese strudel with tomato chutney

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