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We perceive us as traditionalists in the best sense of the word and have therefore committed ourselves to growing historical indigenous varieties like Furmint and Gelber Muskateller. Characteristic to a vineyard in Burgenland is also the relatively high share of Welschriesling which boasts a lot of fruit and a savoury, refreshing acidity. Two thirds of the total 16 ha of our vineyards are occupied by white wine, one third by red wine grapes.

Nevertheless, our love is dedicated to the Burgundies, of which we grow nearly one third of the viticulture: full-bodied, with accent on fruit Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir. Top priority of our rich wines is the preservation of the fruit notes. The Cabernet as well as the Chardonnay wines are transferred to small oak barrels only if the vintage is suitable, i.e. the sugar percentage of the must should be clearly above 20° KMW (100° Oe).

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