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The diversity of the Rust area is reflected in type and chemistry of its soils as well: river deposits from the Alpine region, crystalline primary rocks, loess from the Ice Age and sediments of prehistoric seas converge into a multifaceted mosaic of various soils. The different soil conditions, well drained thanks to the slight inclination of the hills and with marked heat accumulating capacities allow for a wide range of grape varieties.

The shell limestones in the Rust area are a excellence quality for Blaufränkisch and all Burgundy Wines (Pinot Noir, Pinot Blanc, Pinto Gris) and they build a ideal conditions for strong, but even fine fruity elegant Red and White Wines. 

The South of Rust Area excist from primeval river deposit, crystal stones, Sand and sedimentary rock and limestone too. In the loam sandy soil,  so called "Ruster Schotter" are many quartz and mineral embedded, what white wines  like Furmint and Riesling give the mineralic aromas.

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